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Japanese Foods. Your quality time.

Providing you many joyous moments. With pride, we deliver on our promise of quality. Our wish is to fill your daily life with laughter. Loughter brought by Japanese foods.


the appeal of Japanese food

  • Rice
    Savor the freshness of each grain in every bite
  • Sea food
    A plentiful source of culinary delight
  • Vegetables
    Quality derived from nature's vitality
  • Wagyu,Japanese Beef
    Luxurious flavor developed with superd skill
  • Fruit
    A feast for all the senses
  • Japanese Tea
    Be good to yourself from the inside out
  • Umami Food Ingredients
    Drawing out the unique richness of each ingredient
  • Flowers and Plants
    Productive and blessed by distincive seasons and boasted of flower culture

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